What is Beef Sloan Safe Ride?

We are a Colorado-based 501 c (3) charity organization whose operating expenses are covered by the generous donations from members of the community as well as our passengers which we transport to and from the bars. Our goal is to stop drinking and driving and give the public a safe choice to get home from their night on the town.

The organization was started by Beef Sloan himself in 2015 after working for Yellow Cab and Smart Ride. It became a nonprofit organization in 2017.  He was loved by his clientele then and he’s loved by his clientele now. When Beef walks into a bar there is an uproar, everyone screaming “Beef!” and lining up to give him a hug. He is a highly respected individual in the Greeley community because of the amazing service he provides for it.

We are the first call for all the bars and/or dance halls when they have patrons who have a very good night. So that right there says a lot about the service!

If you’re looking for a way to reach out to your community then this is the place for you. Working for this organization gives you the opportunity to see your community come alive and meet new people along the way. You will find that you form relationships with customers that are frequent flyers and get to hear their personal stories or bar tales. No other job out there gives you such fantastic experience and opportunities.  

There is a sense of pride you feel driving with Beef Sloan Safe Ride and making sure that passengers are getting home safe and the passengers themselves appreciate the service you are providing. Even though you may not always be compensated financially for the time you invest with this organization, you are compensated by the experience and opportunities that are available.

We are looking to expand the organization into Denver, Fort Collins, and Loveland, but we want to set up a reliable dependable team here in Greeley first. The more volunteers we have, the more hands we have to help get this amazing organization to the success we know it can be. Welcoming in other cities will also open lines between communities and hopefully bring back everyone working as one mind, one heart.

If you have any more questions please contact us through our Facebook page, you can either shoot us a message or leave a post on our page. You can also send us an email EMAIL US.

We hope you consider becoming a part of our team.